The Night Zone Collection

Catalog: two volumes of 636 pages in total containing 330 images

Soundtrack: by The Chemical Brothers

Content: more than 160 furniture and hundreds of variants including light elements, mirrors, tables, chairs, furnishing, beds, door windows, two angular closets line-ups and two modular pieces line-ups with endless configurations; all aimed at complementing mainly big spaces destined to the night zone, but also suitable to other interiors or even exteriors

Design: futuristic and highly distinctive with a strong creative character and a high artistic content, it is built around the softness and sensuality of curve, synthesis of movement and transformation. Surfaces are smooth and lines are delicate for a tidy and clean look; symmetries offer a timeless elegance with a return to basic shapes,

coupled with innovative ideas. It reachs the ideal link between past and future

Idea: inspired by the eccentricity of fashion and rock music. Excess, elegance and comfort meet the core concepts of the collection - intimacy, surprise, celebration and playfulness - leading to a new idea of living: night zone becomes a meeting and sharing hub where people can hide, relax and have fun; with furniture that go beyond their simple functional and aesthetic role to be part of complete and harmonious vision of the space

Description: the particularity and the irreverence of the furniture makes them modern art masterpieces, with consistent and evolving style that will turn the house into a living, exciting gallery of continous marvel. Also it is possible create limited editions and unique pieces featuring furniture with special finishes and with surfaces

engraved, perforated or made in different textures with translucent effects. The great customization opportunities are a further element of uniqueness in this collection, bordering on the tailor-made furniture: the choice among the numerous variants, the finishing options and the possibility to create infinite configurations with the modular lines allow you to play an active role in the creation of the interior and express yourself through each piece, making it more personal and unique

Predominant color: shiny white which gives a dreamy atmosphere to the interior; any other color is available

Building materials: wood coated with Solid Surface or methacrylate, or else with high gloss varnish; composite materials (carbon fiber with epoxy resin); and then metal, glass, polycarbonate, synthetic leather. No toxic foam or animal skin

Target: we want to upset the world of design with an audacious and groundbreaking style pushing it as a luxury lifestyle brand and as an example for the production of furniture in the respect of nature and animals

Market segment: high luxury

Focus: alternative luxury for those with extravagant taste

Spaces to be furnished: lofts and exclusive residences; luxury hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, wellness Spa and shops; superyachts and exsteriors


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