The YoungAngelsDesign studio creates customizable furniture, free from preconceptions and rules,
born to inspire emotions and to provide a gradual discovery of the real essence of the pieces,
awing and disorienting your guests, and immersing them in a surprising game experience.

The design is built around the softness and sensuality of curves, synthesis of movement and transformation.
Surfaces are smooth and lines are delicate, symmetries offer a timeless elegance with a return to basic shapes,
coupled with innovative intuitions and ideas, thus offering a tidy and clean look and carefully crafted details
and particulars. A futuristic and strongly distinctive style that draws on Art Deco, the Space Age and Pop Art,
reaching the ideal link between past and future.

The idea is to go beyond the classical furniture concept, reaching a new phase thanks to an authentic
artistic evolution: multi-color lights transform spaces, adding an evocative and surreal atmosphere;
the uniqueness and irreverence of the furniture pieces make them a masterpieces of modern art,
whose consistent and evolving style turns the ambience into a living, exciting gallery of continuous marvel.

The founder and the owner is Marco Giovannangeli, an Italian entrepreneur and design lover. He created offices
and shops for his historic e-commerce company He then renovated
apartments for family and friends. In 2012 he decided to devote himself exclusively to interiors
and to the creation of alternative luxury furniture. He estabilished the YoungAngelsDesign studio,
synonimous with creativity, innovation, imagination and audacity.


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